To increase the number of locations and frequency of classroom presentations of the .0206 SPICE courses, SPICE registers healthcare personnel to offer the .0206 courses for outpatient, dental, and home health / hospice settings.

All providers must register with SPICE and use the North Carolina .0206 Infection Control Curriculum for their healthcare setting in its entirety and without revisionsComplete requirements are listed below.

  • Providers of the outpatient curriculum must be CIC-certified AND have completed an .0206 outpatient course in the past 2 years, or SPICE courses Part I and II.
  • Providers of the dental curriculum must be a dental clinician and have completed the .0206 dental course.
  • Providers of the home health/hospice curriculum must be a home health or hospice clinician and have completed the  .0206 home health/hospice course.

To register as a provider:

1. Complete the  0206 Provider Registration Form and return to SPICE with the following:

  • your CV, and CV of all faculty who will join you in conducting the training
  • a check for $20.00, made payable to SPICE, for each healthcare setting in which you wish to be certified as a provider
  • SPICE course completion certificate(s), or dates of Part 1 and Part 2 course completion.

The North Carolina .0206 Infection Control Curriculum must be taught in its entirety and without revisions. Access to the curriculum webpage will be granted upon approval of the provider application by SPICE.

Logistics for providing a .0206 course

1. Registered providers receive a SPICE course ID # is issued along with access to the curriculum website where course materials can be downloaded.

2. The curriculum (slide sets A-G) must be taught in its entirety and without revisions or alterations.  The order of presentations can be altered but all power point slides must be presented (including the first acknowledgement slide).

3. Participants in the course are to receive handouts of the complete slide sets and any additional handouts, as described in the curriculum. Providers may choose to provide participants with an electronic link to the handouts.

4. The SPICE Course ID # is assigned to a particular organization/facility/vendor.  The course ID # remains with that organization/facility/vendor.  If the provider(s) changes, SPICE should be notified of the change and given the contact information of the new provider. SPICE needs to have current contact information on file so that updates to the curriculum can be sent when laws/guidelines change.

5. The Course ID # should be noted on the certificate/letter given to participants. A sample certificate is provided in the on-line curriculum kit.

6. SPICE must be notified of the dates and locations of trainings using the SPICE .0206 Curriculum. Please provide this information electronically at:

7. Providers must keep a record of all participants attending the .0206 training; provider must remind participants to save certificate/letter of completion so there is record of compliance, if needed.

8. Approved provider status can be rescinded if the curriculum is not used in its entirety or the most current version of the curriculum is not used. Notification of updates will be sent via email.

9. Outpatient providers may elect to provide CE for their course through SPICE for $5 per attendee. Directions are provided in the on-line curriculum kit.

NOTE: This infection control curriculum is not a substitute for the training required by the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Final Rule.  Some elements of the Bloodborne Pathogen Final Rule are beyond the scope of the requirements of NCAC .0206.

 The .0206 provider curriculum kit includes the following:

  1. Provider Requirements and Course ID Assignment
  2. Sample Agenda
  3. Slide Sets A – G
  4. Additional required handouts (dependent on which course is being taught)
  5. Sample letter or certificate to send participants at the completion of the course