Statewide Program for Infection Control and Epidemiology/.0206 Home Health and Hospice

North Carolina Infection Control Curriculum for Home Health and Hospice Settings

To meet the requirements of 10A North Carolina Administrative Code 41A.0206,

SPICE must approve all providers of this curriculum.

To approved providers of the curriculum:

Please read through all requirements. Approved provider status can be rescinded if the curriculum is not taught according to these requirements.

A. Provider Requirements:

  1. The curriculum (slide sets A-F) must be used in its entirety and without revisions or alterations. The order of presentations can be altered but all power point slides must be presented (including the first acknowledgement slide). Notifications about curriculum changes are made via email.
  2. Participants in the course must receive the following:
        1. Agenda
        2. Statement of Disclosures (if applicable – see C below.)
        3. handouts of the complete slide sets
        4. handout: UNC Home Health Infection Control Policy
  3. The provider can elect to give hard copy handouts, or refer learners to the password protected SPICE webpage where they can access and print the handouts. The link to this page is: the password is: 0206H
  4. Participants must be provided with a certificate or letter verifying their completion of the training (see sample below). SPICE Course/Provider ID # must be printed on that document. If registering / obtaining CE through SPICE (see #8 below), a course evaluation and certificate is provided.
  5. Provider MUST keep a record of all participants attending the .0206 trainings, and remind each participant to keep their own record of having completed the course. Participants should not send course completion information to SPICE or the Department of Health and Human Services.
  6. The Course/Provider ID # is assigned to an organization/facility/vendor and remains with that organization/facility/vendor even when the primary contact changes. SPICE must have current primary contact information on file so that updates to the curriculum can be sent (via email) when the curriculum is updated.
  7. Use this electronic Course Notification Form to notify SPICE after you have provided a course. You are required to report date(s) of the course and the number of participants completing the course.
  8. Approved provider status can be rescinded if the most recent update of the curriculum is not presented in its entirety, or if SPICE is not notified of a change in the primary contact.

B. Course Materials

1. Sample Agenda

2. Statement of Disclosures

Classroom instructors who are accessing CE credit through SPICE MUST provide a paper handout of this document to participants, AND MUST read this statement at the beginning of the course. (If not accessing CE through SPICE (#9 above) please disregard.)

3. Power Point Slide Sets (ppt) A-F, updated October 2014

Disclaimer: These slide sets are the property of SPICE, are to be used solely for .0206 trainings and cannot be transferred to a third party.

Module A HHH 2014 – Review of NC Laws

Module B HHH 2014 – OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Final Rule

Module C HHH 2014 – Epidemiology and Risk of Infection

Module D HHH 2014 – Outbreaks and Safe Injection Practices

Module E HHH 2014 – Principles and Practices of Asepsis, Hand Hygiene, and Environmental Issues in Disease Transmission

Module F HHH 2014 – Principles of Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization

Slides saved in older version of PowerPoint: 97-2003:

Module A HHH 2014

Module B HHH 2014

Module C HHH 2014

Module D HHH 2014

Module E HHH 2014

Module F HHH 2014

4. Handout: UNC Home Health Infection Control Policy

5. Supplementary handouts

It is not necessary that participants receive copies of these supplementary handouts but they should know where to find them.

Contact SPICE if there are any questions.

Updated: October 15, 2014