William A. Rutala, Ph.D., M.P.H., C.I.C.                                           brutala@unch.unc.edu

William A. Rutala is a Professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine; the Director of the North Carolina Statewide Program for Infection Control and Epidemiology; and Director of Epidemiology, Occupational Health and Safety Program at the UNC Health Care System.  He received his B.S. from Rutgers University, M.S. from the University of Tennessee, and Ph.D. in Microbiology and M.P.H. in Public Health from UNC-CH.  He is a member of several national, state, local, and hospital committees and is an editorial board member for the American Journal of Infection Control and Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology.  He has authored many publications relating to disinfection, sterilization, infectious waste disposal and the control of nosocomial infections.

David J. Weber, M.D., M.P.H.                                                               dweber@unch.unc.edu
Infectious Diseases Consultant

David J. Weber has been on the faculty of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill since 1985 where he is currently a Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics in the School of Medicine, and a Professor of Epidemiology in the School of Public Health. Dr. Weber serves as the Associate Chief of Staff for UNC Hospitals. He serves as the Medical Director of the Statewide Program for Infection Control and Epidemiology; and Medical Director of Epidemiology and also of the Departments of Hospital Epidemiology (Infection Control) and Occupational Health. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease, Critical Care Medicine, and Preventive Medicine. He serves as the Associate Editor of Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology. His research interests include healthcare-associated infections, new and emerging pathogens (norovirus, SARS-coV, CA-MRSA, pfiesteria), infections in child care centers, and antibiotic resistant pathogens.





Evelyn Cook, R.N., C.I.C.

evelyn_cook@med.unc.edu     919-966-1304

Associate Director

As the Associate Director of SPICE, Ms. Cook is a principal lecturer at all SPICE infection control courses; consultant to all healthcare facilities (including nursing homes) in the state on infection prevention issues; and leads applied research projects in the area of infection control and epidemiology of infectious diseases. Evelyn served previously as Nurse Clinician and Nurse Liaison with the Duke Infection Control Outreach Network (DICON) for the Department of Medicine and PDC, PLLC at Duke University Medical Center. She has served as a SPICE consultant and has provided training, education, and consultation to hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other medical facilities to prevent and control healthcare-associated infections.  She has assisted long-term care facilities in writing and developing infection prevention risk assessments, infection prevention plans and policies specific to the long-term care setting. A Registered Nurse and has National Board Certification in Infection Control, Evelyn is active in several professional organizations including North Carolina Association for Professionals in Infection Control (President 2005-06), National Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology.  She was named Practitioner of the Year in 2002 by the North Carolina Association of Professionals in Infection Control.

Amy and Kirk





Amy Powell, M.P.H.                                                                                  amy_powell@med.unc.edu or spice@unc.edu      919-966-6383
Program Coordinator

Amy Powell has a Master of Public Health from the University of South Carolina with a focus on Health Education. In the early stages of her career, she was involved in a variety of health education projects in the Sudan, Virginia, Kentucky, and West Virginia. She then focused on affordable housing issues and for the past 13 years, she has worked as Executive Director at Chatham Habitat for Humanity. She is looking forward to getting back into the health education field and assisting SPICE with its core infection prevention initiatives in education and consultation in health care facilities, especially nursing homes.


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