Healthcare Infection Control and Response is a new program being offered by SPICE
Funding for the project is made possible by Centers for Disease Control and North Carolina Division of Public Health, Communicable Disease Branch. The project focuses on assessment of infection control and response practices in nursing homes, hospitals, and outpatient and dialysis facilities. Participating facilities receive constructive feedback to improve infection control and response practices in their facilities. Finally, aggregate data will identify gaps to be addressed through educational programming to improve infection control and response. Background Summary

ICAR Announcement in NCHCFA Weekly UPDATE, May 18, 2016

ICAR Announcement in NCHA Newsline, July 15, 2016

Program Objectives
  1. Create a comprehensive data base of the following health care facilities in North Carolina: nursing homes, hospitals, outpatient facilities, dialysis facilities.
  2. Conduct on-site assessments of facility’s infection control and response practices.
  3. Provide prompt, constructive feedback to participating facilities.
  4. Offer an on-line self-assessment and follow-up for facilities for which an on-site assessment cannot be scheduled.
  5. Based on aggregate data, create educational programming to address priority infection control and response problems in North Carolina.

Meet the SPICE Nurse Consultants. (Click here for more information and to schedule an infection control assessment for your facility.)

Julie Hernandez            RN, BSN, CIC

Julie Hernandez earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Barton College (formerly Atlantic Christian College) and is a NC Great 100 Nurse recipient.  She has 38 years of professional nursing experience encompassing infection prevention, critical care management, and clinical education.  Julie has been an infection preventionist for the last 21 years serving as coordinator and practitioner in local community hospitals.  She served as the Nominating Committee Chairman for NC APIC’s 2007 elections, and has presented a poster at a past APIC Annual International Conference.  Julie  is proud to serve healthcare facilities across North Carolina in her SPICE nurse consultant role.




Wanda Lamm                RN, BSN, CIC

Wanda Lamm has a BS in Nursing and has 38 years of nursing experience; 25 of those years are in Infection Control and Prevention.  She has been certified in Infection Control and Epidemiology for 21 years.  She has held various positions in APIC NC, including President, in 2014, and served on various community committees.  She received the APIC Hero of Infection Prevention award in 2008, APIC NC Practitioner of the Year Award in 2007, and NC Great 100 Nurse in 2004. It is an honor and a privilege to  be a part of the ICAR program to make a difference in infection control in various healthcare settings in North Carolina.





Heather Ridge                RN, BS, BSN, CIC

Heather Ridge began her career in healthcare with a bachelor of science in biology, concentration microbiology where she worked in a laboratory setting for 5 years.  During this time, she realized her passion to work with patients and went to nursing school.  Heather earned her BSN and has been a RN for over 12 years.  She was spent the past 9 years dedicated to Infection Prevention.  Her IP experience includes acute care, hospice, nursing homes, and outpatient oncology clinics.  Heather is passionate about Infection Prevention and loves collaborating with colleagues to keep our patients safe.





CDC Infection Control Assessment Tools

(facility specific):

CDC IC Assessment Tool LTCF

CDC IC Assessment Tool Hospital

CDC IC Assessment Tool Outpatient

CDC IC Assessment Tool Dialysis