Plans and Policy

UNC Healthcare SARS Policy– revised June 9, 2003

UNC Health Care – Practice Improvements for Management of SARS, September 30, 2003

UNC Health Care Isolation Sign

UNC Healthcare Policy: Highly Communicable Respiratory Diseases: Preparedness and Response Plan 2009

This is a policy adopted by UNC Health Care System for its use in Infection Control. It is provided to you as information only.

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SARS Slides – by David J. Weber, MD, MPH– February 11, 2004 version

SARS slides – by William A. Rutala, PhD, MPH– May 26, 2003 version

SARS Infection Control in Healthcare Settings – CDC slides

SARS Slides – APIC-NC – by Evelyn Cook– June 2003


CDC SARS Information Website

Emerging Infectious Diseases, February 2004 – SARS is the topic of the journal

Food and Drug Administration SARS information

Lancet early article on SARS; Guideline; Commentary


World Health Organization – SARS