Welcome to SPICE nurse consultants, Julie Hernandez, Wanda Lamm and Heather Ridge, who are conducting comprehensive infection control assessments in a variety of health care settings through March 2018. The primary focus of this project is to address the lack of comprehensive infection control training and oversight in hospital and non-hospital healthcare facilities across the state and to enhance

Wanda Lamm, R.N., C.I.C.
Heather Ridge, R.N., C.I.C.
Julie Hernandez, R.N., C.I.C.

the ability of public health to work with all facilities to prepare for and mitigate existing or emerging infectious disease threats. Federal funding through Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has enabled DPH to contract with SPICE to carry out the infection control assessments in nursing homes, hospitals, outpatient practices, and dialysis centers. Analysis of the data, submitted to the CDC in aggregated and anonymous format, will reveal gaps in infection control practice and guide the development of educational programming. In addition to conducting the infection control assessments, NC DPH Communicable Disease Branch is contracting SPICE to develop a comprehensive database of all NC healthcare facilities. Facilities not participating in the on-site assessments will be encouraged to complete an on-line assessment of their infection control practices. To sign up for a visit and/or learn more about this program, by clicking on the following link: http://spice.unc.edu/icar/


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